and other tales of me (laurasubby) wrote in uwfood,
and other tales of me

Kai's Bistro & Lounge, 45th (across the street from Flowers)

Happy hour- $4 appetizers! And they're really good! I had the crab cakes and the chicken strips w/fries. The crab cakes were great, but a small portion. The chicken strips were the BEST I've ever had, the fries were good enough, and it came with this yummy sweet BBQ sauce. The two together were more than enough food. Other happy hour appetizers include a burger w/fries, mac & cheese, caesar salad. Don't remember the rest. I'm not sure how much my draft beer was for happy hour, but it's regularly only 3.75. So definitely get there before 6, because the regular menu is actually pretty pricey, although I'll bet it's tasty food.
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